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A home inspection is a non-intrusive visual assessment that evaluates the overall condition of a home. This inspection is conducted by a professional home inspector who has received proper training and certification. At Coastal Home Solutions, all home inspectors are accredited by renowned organizations such as InterNACHI, ASHI, or CREIA. These experts are skilled in examining properties of various types and ages on the island of Oahu. With their extensive knowledge, they thoroughly inspect every system of a house, ensuring that potential buyers or homeowners have a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition.


What is a Home Inspection?

It’s non-intrusive visual evaluation of a home’s condition. A professional home inspector with the necessary training and certification conducts a home inspection. All of the home inspectors at Coastal Home Solutions are accredited by InterNACHI, ASHI, or CREIA. They are specialists in examining the wide range and ages of properties on the island of Oahu and are educated to examine every system of a house.

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What does an inspection include?

Roof Examination

Looking at the whole roofing system, including the roof coverings, flashings, drainage mechanisms, skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations, are examined.

Foundational Assessment

Visual assessment of the home's foundation and structural components, including the crawlspace and/or basement.

External Inspection

Inspection of the home's exterior, including its siding, trim, and flashing, as well as its driveways, patios, and walks.

Electrical System Examination

Visual examination of the electrical main and sub-panels, branch wire circuits, breakers, and/or fuses, as well as panel capacity assessment.

Plumbing System Inspection

investigation of the plumbing system in the house, including the water heater, gas supply lines, and drainage systems.

HVAC Examination

Examining the home's heating and cooling systems to determine their general health and ability to work as intended.

Inspection of Each Room

a thorough examination of the inside of the house to determine its general condition, test its electrical and plumbing systems, and search for any signs of structural movement or moisture penetration.

Examining The Attic

Visual examination of the insulation, structural components, and general condition of the attics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspections can vary greatly depending upon the size of the house, number of rooms, condition of the house, location, etc. Generally speaking, larger houses will cost more than smaller ones. Also, properties located near large bodies of water require extra time due to their proximity to the ocean, lake, river, creek, bayou, pond, canal, etc.
Of course, it depends on the house size but the average time for a professional home inspector to complete an inspection of your property is about 2-3 hours.

After reviewing the report, we’ll usually recommend 3 things:

  1. Fix any obvious issues 
  2. Make small adjustments to increase efficiency 
  3. Provide recommendations for future improvements to minimize further maintenance expenses.
Yes, absolutely!! This is something very important to us. Because of our experience and expertise, we often work directly with builders, architects, engineers, painters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, mechanics, carpenters, handymen, etc. Many times, we suggest a company or individual for jobs ranging from minor tune-ups to major renovations. It really helps us stay current and provides us with a great opportunity to share our knowledge with clients. Let’s connect!


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First experience working with Coastal Home Solutions. Charles and his colleague were very professional and responsive to our questions. Would definitely recommend Coastal Home Solutions for Home Inspections.
I have been working with Coastal Home Solution for a while, I am a realtor, and They have excellent service, good value, and great reports. Now they inspect my home; I highly recommend Charles and his team for any Home inspection you need.

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